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Speech/Debate Students Earn Their Frying Pans



Speech/Debate Students Earn Their Frying Pans



The Lindale High School Speech/Debate team competed Saturday, September 22 at the Brownsboro Out of the Frying Pan Into the Fire Novice Debate Tournament.  Students who won "frying pan" trophies

1st -  CX Debate - Emma Johnsen and Kasssie Lindamond
2nd - CX Debate - Daniel Gerthe and Brandon Thrush
3rd - CX Debate - Lauren Saunders and Zoe Santschi
4th - CX Debate - Brooklyn VanWinkle and Esther Crosby
5th - CX Debate - Terah Hancock and Lauren Lang
2nd - PFD Debate - Destiny Caldwell and Allison Sienbenlist
3rd - LD Debate - Reece Bond - Also top speaker
6th - LD Debate - Kaylyn Roxburg
2nd Extemporaneous Speaking - Destiny Caldwell
3rd - Extemporaneous Speaking - Brooklyn Van Winkle
4th - Extemporaneous Speaking - Kaylyn Roxburg


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