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Academic Readiness


Think about the following while keeping up with your high school course load.
  • Have you worked with your parents and counselor on your 4-year plan?
  • Do you know how to calculate your GPA?
  • Should you consider taking a college entrance exam prep course?

Four-Year Plan

A student’s written high school plan of academic courses.


SAT/ACT Prep Courses


AP Exams and AP Courses

College-equivalent courses offered in high school. Students can earn credit at most colleges and universities from AP Exams which are correlated to AP courses.

College Requirements


Basic College Vocabulary

Common terms used by many institutions of higher learning.


Dual Enrollment (Concurrent) Opportunities

Students take regular courses at their high school and part-time at a college campus.

Department of Education Dual Enrollment Information  Download me! Download


PSAT is a preliminary standardized test, a shorter version of the SAT, which can determine eligibility for academic scholarships.


Pre-ACT test


College entrance exam published by American College Testing that measures a student's ability in math, verbal comprehension and problem solving.


Grade Point Average—a numerical value assigned to your scholastic record.