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Financial Readiness


 While considering a college, ask yourself--

  • Can my parents afford to pay for any or all of my college experience?
  • What grants, loans, and scholarships am I eligible for?
  • How do I apply for a student loan?
  • Should I consider a private or public college?

First Steps



Funds awarded by colleges, universities, government, or outside sources on the basis of academic merit or financial need. Scholarships are generally used to waive tuition or fees.


Education Savings Plan

Work-Study Programs

Jobs (on or off campus) provided by the federal government for eligible college students with financial need.


Student Loans

Low interest loans offered by the federal government.


Monetary aid for higher education that does not have to be repaid.


Military Scholarships

Higher education funds available to ROTC students and current military dependents.


Parent Information

Financial advice from National Association for College Admission Counseling.

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Financial Terms

Tuition Calculators