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School Health Advisory Council


Lindale ISD Health and Wellness Policy            

Lindale ISD SHAC Bylaws     

LISD Bullying/Harassment Protocol  


What is SHAC?

The School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) is an advisory group comprised of individuals who represent segments of the community. The group acts collectively to provide advice to Lindale ISD on aspects of the school district’s health program.  Members of SHAC are not paid for their time, nor do they have any legal responsibilities with the school district.

The SHAC has a variety of roles addressing all components of a comprehensive school health program. The components include:

  • Health instruction
  • Healthful school environment
  • Health services
  • Physical education
  • School counseling/mental health
  • Food service
  • Health promotion for staff
  • Integrated school and community programs


The local school health advisory council’s duties include recommending:

  1. The number of hours of instruction to be provided in health education
  2. Health education curriculum appropriate for specific grade levels that may include a coordinated health education program designed to prevent obesity, cardiovascular disease, and Type II diabetes
  3. Instruction to prevent the use of tobacco
  4. Appropriate grade levels and methods of instruction for human sexuality education.

Lindale ISD SHAC had 2 main focuses last school year:

  • Bullying prevention:  Challenge Day was used in grades 8, 9, and 10 and was reacted to positively by staff and students.
  • Physical Education:  The CATCH (Coordinated Approach To Child Health) program was implemented in our physical education classes in grades Pre-K through 8.

Main issues to be focused on for the 2012-2013 school year:

  • Raise parent awareness of vital issues such as drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sexting, dating violence, and child abuse. 
  • Expand Health Fair
  • Provide program for grades 4-6 to increase physical fitness as a life long activity
  • Continue building Coordinated School Health Curriculum for grades PK-8.

Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value

Read the Texas Administrative Code regarding foods of minimal nutruitional value (FMNV).


Longview Wellness Center, Inc.  offers Wellness Pointe's "Healthy Marriage Education Initiative." (VOW) 

To find out more about this program and its benefits, click on this link: .

KidsHealth Website

For all kinds of friendly and fun information for kids, teen, and parents, go to

This site has information on General Health, Growth and Development, Nutrition and Fitness, Recipes, and MORE! :D

Meeting Calendar

      NEXT SHAC MEETING Spring, 2014

            Lindale Administration Board Room