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GT Summer Opportunities & Scholarships


Please Note:

The information listed below was for the summer of 2012. The same types of camps should be available in the summer of 2013.  As soon as information is available for the 2013 camps and 2013 summer camp scholarships, our website will be updated.  Until then, feel free to look through last year's information to see if you find something you may be interested in pursuing this summer.


These camps are available to Identified Gifted and Talented Students regardless of whether or not they receive a scholarship.  Non-scholarship applicants will register directly with the camp.  Click on the camp names to view the websites for that particular camp. 

Please note that grade levels listed on the websites and information indicate the grade level the student is ENTERING.


Sea Camp at Texas A&M Galveston          

List of Camp Titles and Dates for Sea Camp       


TAG at Texas A&M Galveston        

List of Camp Titles and Dates for TAG Camp     


 YAP Texas A&M College Station

List of Camps Titles and Dates for YAP Camps 


 CHALLENGE Academic Day Camp at LeTourneau University (On-line information is not yet available; see camp information below)

List of Camp Titles and Dates for LeTourneau CHALLENGE Camps

Description of LeTourneau CHALLENGE Camps

Scholarship Information


 Congratulations to Our 2012 Region 7 Summer Scholarship Winners  


Madison Cawthen Challenge Camp Movie Maker

Heather Darden Challenge Camp Hollywood Movie Stars

Hannah Boyer Challenge Camp Artsy Animals

Kayleigh Melvin Sea Camp Shark Camp