Lindale ISD is proud to be recognized as one of East Texas'
highest performing school districts.

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E.J. Moss Intermediate: Facts About E. J. Moss


"Educating Every Child Every Day!"



Cultivating Excellence

E.J. Moss Intermediate School believes that every child has the potential for personal success, therefore, it is our responsibility to provide a positive learning environment with a well-balanced curriculum emphasizing responsibilityand high moral values.  E.J. Moss Intermediate School strives to prepare students for lifelong learning and to become functional members of society.

FOUNDED:  1914

NAMESAKE:  Erma Jean Moss, who was a 40 year veteran teacher for Lindale ISD. Renamed for her in 2000.


SERVES:  825 Fourth through Sixth Graders



  • 10.3 percent African American

  • 11.9 percent Hispanic

  • 76.1 percent White

  • 1.3 percent Asian/Pacific Islander

  • 0.4 percent Native American

  • 43.2 percent economically disadvantaged

  • 4 percent limited English proficient

RATED:  Exemplary by the Texas Education Agency for the 2010-11 school year


SPECIAL FEATURES: Rockin' C Ranch Outdoor Education Program for fifth grade; Culture Fair for sixth grade; Kiwanis-Kids for sixth grade; and UIL competition for sixth grade.

Student enrollment and demographic information from the Texas Education Agency website for the 2009-10 school year.