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E.J. Moss Intermediate: Newspaper Article Writing Tips

Follow this step by step guide to a well-written article:

  1. Decide what your article will be about.
  2. Research the topic of your article.
  3. First paragraph:  In the first few sentences, answer these questions!
  4. Grab the reader's attention by using an opening sentence which is a question or something unexpected!
  5. Now, give the details. It is always a good idea to include one or two quotes from people you interviewed. Write in the third person (he, she, it or they). Be objective. Use active verbs so the reader feels things are really happening!
  6. Last paragraph: Round off your article. Try ending with a quote or a catchy phrase!
  7. By-line: At the end, state who wrote the article; 'By ....'.
  8. Proof-read your article and edit where needed.
  9. Spell check your article.