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Lindale High School: MARCHING CONTEST

Schedule 2012







1:30 pm

Meet at band hall and get your uniform ready to go (have a sack lunch or healthy snack)

2:00 pm

In your seat ready to walk out of the band hall

2:45 pm

Load Busses

3:00 pm

Depart for Pine Tree Stadium

4:30 pm

Rehearsal at Pine Tree Stadium

5:15 pm

Change into uniform (no coats yet); Load Battery and Pit Percussion and Sousas

5:45 pm

Leave for Longview High School

6:15 pm

Arrive at Longview HS, unload instruments, go to the bathroom, put on coats

6:30 pm

Line up in block band with instrument and hat

6:40 pm

Go to warm up

6:50 pm

Warm Up

7:25 pm

Enter Field

7:30 pm

Performance - YEA GO BAND!!!! YOU ROCK!!! WHAT A BAND!!!!

7:45 pm

Go to busses, load horns, take off coats but leave on band pants, shoes, and t-shirt. You will grab a Chick-fil-a sandwich, chips, drink, and dessert.

8:05 pm

Line up and go back to stadium. We will sit as a group, watch the other bands, and listen for ratings.

9:35 pm

Announce Ratings

9:45 pm

Head to busses, load up and get ready to go home.

10:00 pm

Leave for Lindale

11:00 pm

Arrive home, unload and go home. Great job Lindale Band!





October 2, 2012


Dear Parents,


I want to thank everyone for all their support and encouragement this year.  The many positive comments I am getting about the drill are overwhelming.  The band is really working hard and making improvements everyday.  We have two big contests coming up in the next few weeks, and I wanted to let you know some details about them.  The first is UIL Marching Contest on October 20 at Longview High School.  The second is the NAMMB (National Association of Military Marching Bands) Contest on November 3rd at Bryan High School. 


UIL Marching Contest is Saturday, October 20, at Longview High School.   The contest schedule has come out, and I want to update you on our schedule for the day.  Let me encourage you to come to the contest and see the band perform.  It is a totally different experience from a Friday night football game.  It really helps us to have a big crowd at the contest cheering for us as we take the field.  Looking up into the stands and seeing a sea of blue and white is a wonderful thing.  I sure hope to see you there.  Enclosed you will find a contest day schedule.  Please be aware that the students will need to bring a sack lunch for the afternoon meal. I am asking that the students bring good healthy foods.  Please do not bring a lot of junk, sweets and absolutely NO ENERGY DRINKS FOR HIGH CAFFEINE OR SUGAR DRINKS DESIGNED TO BOOST ENERGY. We will provide dinner for the band after we march.  The students will need a little extra spending money for other drinks and snacks not provided.  In addition, PepWear will be on site to sell t-shirts and other items.  I will order any patches needed (pending our results) when we get back to Lindale.  All the band students will need to ride to the contest with the band.  If you want to check your child out after we perform and results have been announced, you may do so.  If someone other than a parent or guardian is going to pick up your child, please send a letter and see me personally before we leave. 


NAMMB Contest is on November 3rd at Bryan High School.  I do not have any details at this time.  When I know more, I will send out an email and a letter.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime.  Thanks again for all you do to make “The Pride of Lindale” band the best.







Steven Moore,

Director of Bands, Lindale ISD



Contest Schedule on back