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Lindale High School: NAMMB


October 26, 2012




Dear Parents,



First of all, let me say how proud I am of the band and the way they have performed all year long,  especially at UIL Marching Contest on October 20th.  They have had a great work ethic and attitude, and have made marching season a lot of fun.  On Saturday, November 3rd, the Lindale Band will have our last contest performance of the season.  We will be attending the NAMMB (National Association of Military Marching Bands) Contest.  It will be held on the Bryan High School Campus in Merrill Green Stadium.  The NAMMB Contest is a contest for military bands only.  At this contest, we will be trying to earn a 1st division rating, but also competing head-to-head with the other 4A bands for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards.  Our performance time is 5:00 pm.  I hope you can come out to support the band as we compete in this contest.  It is a big lift to us as we enter the field and hear our fans and parents cheer for us.  I hope to see you there.


On the next page is a schedule for the day and a contest schedule.  The students will need to bring a sack lunch for the noon meal on the way down to Bryan.  We will have plenty of water and Gatorade for the band during the day.  In addition, we will feed the band dinner while we are at Bryan.  The students will need to bring extra money for t-shirts, patches and other snacks that they might want.  In addition, there is a special NAMMB patch that is sold for $5 if the students would like one.  Please be aware that there is a $3 gate fee for the contest.  Thank you for all your support throughout marching season and for all you do to help make “The Pride of Lindale” great!






Steven Moore,

Director of Bands,

Lindale ISD,       







  9:30 am

Loading Crew meet to ice down drinks, etc and get ready to load busses


Meet at band hall and get your uniform ready to go

10:30 am

In your seat ready to walk out of the band hall

11:00 am

Depart for Athens High School


Arrive at Athens High School and unload

12:30 pm



Load Busses

  2:00 pm

Leave for Bryan High School (bring a sack lunch)


Arrive at Bryan High School, unload instruments ,go to the bathroom, change into uniforms

  5:15 pm

Line up in block band with instrument and hat


Go to warm up

  5:30 pm

Warm Up

  6:00 pm

Leave for Stadium

  6:10 pm

Enter Stadium

  6:15 pm

Performance – YEA GO BAND!!!!  YOU ROCK!!!! WHAT A BAND!!!!!

  6:30 pm

Enter Stands to watch Vidor, Atascocita,  Lufkin ( we will have water and gatorade there for you)

  7:15 pm

Performance by the FIGHT’N TEXAS AGGIE BAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7:30 pm

Drum Majors report to field in uniform and maces for awards ceremony

  7:30 PM


  7:45 pm

Go to busses have supper (chick-fil-a, chips, cookies, and a drink)

  8:30 pm

Leave for Lindale

11:00 pm

Arrive home, unload and go home.  Great Job Lindale Band




  1. When we arrive the band will get off the busses and go to the bathroom and change.   Be respectful of this building.  Bryan is kind enough to host and give us a place to change.  Do not run in the building and only go to the restrooms and back to the busses.  Do not make a mess in the bathrooms.  I do not want us to be frantic but let’s be sure we are only doing our business and getting ready for our performance.  We are going down to do our job and enjoy our performance. 
  2. Loading Crew, you will unload first and then go change. 
  3. Pitt, as soon as you change, you will meet the trailer to unload the pit percussion and wait for the band to get to the warm up area.  You will need to stay there and meet us as we go to the stadium entrance.  You will need to be first in the stadium.
  4. Keep the Bathrooms clean.  If you see someone from our school messing up the bathroom, stop them.  If you see someone from another school messing up the bathrooms, please tell a director or Chaperone.
  5. Do not play your instrument in the parking lot or on the way to the warm up area.  Also in the holding are we will need to be quiet while the other band is performing.
  6. After the performance, we will go up into the stands and watch the other bands.  I will have water and Gatorade there for you.
  7. After the contest, we will have chic-fil-a for you. 
  8. After you eat, be sure you go to the restroom quickly, and then get to the busses. 
  9. Be polite always, and be careful what you say if you see something you do not like or you think is bad.  While a band is performing, do not talk, be loud etc.  We need to be respectful of all bands.  Do not play, run around or sit on the hills. 
  10. You will need to bring money if you want any patches, t-shirts, videos.  They will have NAMMB patches for sale if you would like to buy one.
  11. When we exit the stadium, they will stamp your hand for re-entry into the stadium.