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Lindale High School: Syllabus Band 1,2,3,4



               Band 1,2,3,4


               Junior High Band; Each previous year of high school band


               Steven Moore, Susan Scott, Casey Johnson






               903-881-4050 ext. 1134, 1141, or 1135





               The Lindale High School Band, also known as the "Pride of Lindale," has over 230 members made up of students in grades 9-12. The band performs at a wide range of activities including football games, parades, concerts, and UIL events. Band students also have several opportunities to compete  individually as well as in small groups. Senior members have the opportunity to earn scholarships that help pay for their college education.


               Fall semester: Marching music. Each student is given a folder of marching music that contains approximately 20 pieces of music. If a student loses a piece of music, they will be charged $1.00 to replace it. If the student loses the entire folder, they will need to pay $5.00 to have it replaced. Everyone is responsible for keeping up with their music!

               Spring semester: "Foundations for Superior Performance" by Jeff King. Each student will need to purchase this book for use during concert season.


               Instrument, lyre, flip folder, music, reeds, valve oil, band shirt, band shoes, long white socks (to be worn with the uniform)

Tutorial Times:

               Directors have sign-up sheets on their doors where students can sign up for individual help on music. Drum majors and squad leaders are available to help students before and after school with music and/or marching.

Grading Policy:

               All music playoffs, rehearsals, and public performances (games, parades, concerts, etc.) are counted as grades. Music playoffs and performances count as test grades; rehearsals count as daily grades.

               Music playoffs: due by August 24 - Fanfare; Invictus

                                        due by August 31 - Chicago World's Fair

                                        due by September 14 - Northwind

                                        due by September 21 - Firebird

               ******** Students who do not play off their music can be pulled from the contest group and placed in the "alternate block." Once they have played off,  a student MAY regain a place in the contest block IF one becomes available.

               See Schedule of Events below for dates of rehearsals and performances.

Late Work Policy:

               5 points is counted off every day that the music is played off late.  If the music is not played by memory, the grade is automatically a 70; music that is played for a 70 must be re-played by memory.


               All absences must be excused by Mr. Moore. If you know in advance that you will be missing a rehearsal or performance, please let a director know. Also, please bring a note from a parent if you miss a rehearsal or performance. If you were out because of illness or injury, a note from the doctor is expected.

LHS Band Rules:

               Be on time! Band begins at 7:50!

               Be prepared! Have all items necessary for rehearsal (marching shoes, music, instrument)

Alternate Block:

               Students who are struggling with marching fundamentals will be pulled from the contest drill and placed in the alternate block where they will be given individualized and detailed help. Once the student can perform the fundamentals at a "contest acceptable" level, they MAY regain a place in the contest block IF one becomes available. Places in the block become available because of eligibility issues, absences, and/or injuries. Students who do not play off music can also be placed in this block.

Schedule of Events:

               1st Six Weeks: Monday Rehearsals at the stadium 6:30-8:30 pm

                                        August 27th

                                        September 10th

                                        September 17th

                                        September 24th

                                        October 1st

                                        Wednesday Rehearsals at LHS 3:30-4:30 pm

                                        September 5th

                                        September 12th

                                        September 19th

                                        September 26th

                                        October 3rd


                                        August 31st

                                        September 7th

                                        September 14th

                                        September 21st

                                        September 28th

              2nd Six Weeks: Monday Rehearsals:

                                        October 8th

                                        October 15th

                                        Wednesday Rehearsals:

                                        October 10th

                                        October 17th


                                        October 12th

                                        October 19th

                                        October 26th

                                        November 2nd

                                        November 9th

                                        Other Performances:

                                        October 13th - Countyr Fest Parade

                                        October 20th - UIL Marching Contest

                                        October 24th - UIL Twirling Contest (Twirlers only)

                                        November 3rd - NAMMB Marching Contest

               3rd Six Weeks: No Monday or Wednesday Rehearsals

                                        November 12th - 16th: Chair Tests - These are test grades!


                                        December 1st - Christmas Parade

                                        December 6th - Christmas Concert (Wind Ensemble)

                                        All Region auditions are December 7th and 8th. These are not required.

              4th Six Weeks: Monday Night Rehearsal:

                                        February 11th - time depends on which band you are in.

                                                                  Concert Band 5:00-6:00 pm

                                                                  Symphonic Band 6:00-7:00 pm

                                                                  Wind Ensemble 7:00-8:30 pm

                                        Other Performances:

                                        January 18th-19th - All Region Clinic/Concert - only those who made the band.

                                        February 8th-9th - UIL Solo and Ensemble Contest. This is not required.

               5th Six Weeks: Monday Night Rehearsals:

                                        February 25th

                                        March 4th

                                        March 18th

                                        March 25th

                                        April 1st

                                        April 8th

                                        Other Performances:

                                        February 21st - Band Booster Scholarship Dinner (those who made 1st divisions on ensembles will be performing)

                                        March 25th - Pre-UIL Concert (all 3 bands perform)

               6th Six Weeks: Monday Night Rehearsal:

                                        April 15th

                                        Other Performances:

                                        April 18th-19th - UIL Concert/Sightreading Contest

                                        May 21st - Spring Concert

                                        May 24th-25th - UIL State Solo and Ensemble Contest (those who qualify)

                                        Important Dates:

                                        April 26th - Majorette Clinic

                                        April 29th - Band Banquet

                                        April 30th-May 1st - Squad Leader interviews

                                        May 3rd - Drum Major and Majorette Tryouts