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Lindale High School: Applied Music Syllabus

Applied Music Syllabus

Course:               Applied Music

Prerequisites:    Must be a Lindale High School Band member

Teachers:           Steven Moore, Susan Scott, Casey Johnson




Phone:               903-881-4050 ext 1134, 1141, or 1135



Overview:          Applied Music is designed to give students time to practice marching music, concert music, All-Region music, and Solo and Ensemble music.

Text Book:        

                           Fall semester: Marching music; All-Region Band audition music

                          Spring semester: Solo and Ensemble music; any music being performed by the bands.

Grading Policy:

                           Each student is required to practice at least 30 minutes of the class period. This practice time is counted as a daily grade. Students are also required to play for a director once a week as a test grade.

                          Fall: Each student must play off the marching music by the deadlines given in the Schedule of Events.

                                  Each student is REQUIRED to audition for the All-Region band.

                          Spring: Each student is REQUIRED to compete at Solo and Ensemble contest.

Class rules:    

                         Students are required to practive every day. They will NOT be allowed to go to other classes or do other schoolwork until they have completed their required assignments for applied music.

Schedule of events: (specifically required for applied music)

                         1st Six Weeks: Music Playoffs

                                                  due by August 24th - Fanfare; Invictus

                                                  due by August 31st - Chicago World's Fair

                                                  due by September 14th - Northwind

                                                  due by September 21st - Firebird

                         3rd Six Weeks: All-Region Auditions - December 8th

                         4th Six Weeks: All-Region Clinic/Concert - January 18-19

                                                  Solo and Ensemble Contest - February 8-9