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Lindale High School: TJC Information

Registration Deadline

Deadline For Registering & Paying For TJC Classes

The deadline for registering and paying for classes at Tyler Junior College is at the end of May for FALL classes and mid-January for SPRING classes.  Students must have a Dual Credit Program Form signed by a counselor with them when they go to register.  Students must register and pay with TJC.

TSI Testing Information

New testing requirements for anyone who has not already taken a TJC Dual Credit Course:

TSI test must be taken after the following steps have been completed:

1. Apply to TJC at (you will receive your A# within 48 hours)

2. Take the TSI Pre-Assessment test using your A# from above on the "Testing Services" page of the TJC site.

3. Print Completion Certificate to take with you when you take the TSI test.

4. Take the TSI test ($35) at TJC after completing the Pre-Assessment.  Return passing scores to LHS Counseling Office by April 14, 2014 for 2014-2015 Dual Credit eligibilty. Scores received after that date will not be accepted and enrollment in Dual Credit courses will not be allowed.


TJC Application Process

Tyler Jr. College Admission Requirements


TJC Admission-Dual Credit Course Admission Information

Students who are interested in admission into Tyler Jr. College, or are pursuing Dual Credit-Lindale High School/Tyler Jr. College,should visit the following link to get valuable information!


TJC Courses & Fees

TJC classes at LHS -Information 2013-2014

New TJC tuition rates for 2013-2014 will be a flat rate of $175 per course.  Fees are payable directly to TJC by calling the Cahier's Office at 903 210-2200.

  • TJC Booklist for LHS 2012-13 See Counselor Page