Lindale ISD is proud to be recognized as one of East Texas'
highest performing school districts.

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Lindale Jr. High: Academic Teams

Awesome Eagles (7th Grade)

 Kristine Brown (team leader) - English

Jill Phillips- Math

Sean Flowers - Texas History

DeLisa Riley - Science

Melissa Bristol-Math

MaryAnn Thompson - Math

Iron Eagles (7th Grade)

Melisa Dukes-Math

 Nicole Ogden - Science

Teri Stripling (team leader)- Texas History

Alyson Overall - Math

Debbie Dugger-English

Leighann Parker - English

Mighty Eagles (8th Grade)

 Mindy Reed (team leader) - Science

Carri Hardy - American History 

 Angela Green - English

Kristin Parson-Technology

 Patrice Coulter-Math

Molly Bacon - English


Soaring Eagles (8th Grade)

Jennifer Dutton (team leader) - Math

Laurie Streich - English/GT

Kerry Stanley - American History

Danna Bloomer - English/

Jason Young - Science

 Nathan Simmons-Math


Other Eagles


Torri Acheson-English/Speech

Doris Batson-Art

David Bryant-Math/Coach

Brent Cannon-Band

Justin Cowart-Science/Coach

Bene Davis-Band

Lauren Fletcher-Band

Kyle Galloway-Science/Coach

Jack Johnson-Coach

Brenda Lozano (team leader)-GCS

Sandy Norrell-Coach

Valarie Philen-Coach

Brent Ricks-Math/Coach

Romy Smith-Health/Media/Coach

Julie Steen-English/Coach

Karen Trolinder-Life Skills

Mary Jane Tomlinson

Kayla Wright-Texas History/American History