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Bernadine Corley

 Updated April 1, 2014



Welcome to Kindergarten 

Lindale Early Childhood Center

Mrs. Corley's Class

Room 306


  Kindergarten Spring Program is scheduled for April 3, 2014.  Lindale High School Gym--7:00 p.m.


Group Pictures will be made on April 8.

  Wear Lime Green Class shirt.


Kindergarten CAP and GOWN pictures will be

made on April 22. 

More info on pictures will be sent to you.


Weekly  Homework

 Learning Toolbox

Homework each week will be using the "Toolbox" which was prepared and sent home in September.

  Each six weeks new materials are sent to you so that you can add new skills to the box.

Each week the student should use these materials two or three times.  Here are some of the things that you can do:

  • sort capital and lowercase letters
  • match the pictures with the correct beginning letter card
  • spell simple CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words with letter cards
  • identify the name and sound of each letter
  • sort vowels from consonants
  • Identify numbers
  • count objects and match the correct number
  • order numbers from smallest to largest and then largest to smallest
  • count aloud to 100
  • combine numerals to make new numbers, add, take away
  • see how fast you can read the sight words


 Take Home Readers or "Baggie Books"

Your child needs to read these books to you two or three times.  Please make sure that he/she is reading each word in the sentence. I have noticed that there is a small amount of "ad lib" going on!  We are working on sight words and decoding words.  Some children still need to take picture walks before beginning to read the book.  Have your child show you how to take a "picture walk".  Be sure to read through the sight word spiral, too!



Mark Your Calendar

April 3 Kindergarten Spring Program

April 8 Class Group Pictures  Lime Green Shirt

April 18  No School

April 22  Cap and Gown Pictures


Lime Green Class Shirt Days

April 3  Evening program with black shorts***

April 8 Group Pictures***

April 25 Fun Friday*

May 2 Fun Friday*

May 16 Class shirt or Western Wear*

May 23 Field Day***

May 30 Fun Friday*

June 4 Last Day***


***Not Optional

May 9 Fun Friday