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Lindale ISD Police Department

Chief James Lucas

James Lucas, Chief of Police

Officer Lucas joined LISD in 2019, after working for the TJC Police Department. Officer Lucas proudly served in the United States Marine Corps and has 12 years in Law Enforcement. He holds a Master Peace Officer Certification. His hobbies include spending time with his family, cooking and reading.

Lindale EJ Moss Intermediate

Office:  903.881.4224

Cell: 903.360.7550

Our Mission: The goal of Lindale ISD Police Department is to support our students and staff in all capacities, while providing a safe learning environment.  We are guided by three simple principles:  Faith, service and integrity.

-Lindale ISD Chief of Police, Joey King

To report any type of criminal activity,  anonymously email:

Contact LISD Police:


Phone: 903.881.4066

LISD police department
Officer DeWolfe

Neil DeWolfe


Lindale High School

Office:  903.881.4170 

Cell:  430.235.5945

Lieut. DeWolfe started with LISD in 2015 after numerous years as a city/county officer.

He has a college degree in criminal justice law enforcement and has over 20 years of law enforcement experience.

DeWolfe holds a Master Peace Officer Certification.

His hobbies include hiking, white water rafting, and traveling and spending time with family.

Randy Hiller

Randy Hiller


Lindale College Street Elementary

Office: 903.881.4357

Cell:  903.539.0587

Officer Hiller joined LISD in 2022, after a long career with Smith County.

He earned a Bacherlor's Degree from Colorado Christian University and has 9 years in Law Enforcement.

He holds a Basic Peace Officer Certification.

His hobbies include bible study, fishing and kayaking.

Brandy McConnell

Brandy McConnell


Lindale Early Childhood Center

Office: 903.881.4400

Cell: 430.260.8053.

Officer McConnell joined LISD in 2022, after a Law Enforcment career in New Mexico.

She has 15 years of Law Enforcement experience.

Officer McConnell and was recently licensed as a Peace Officer in the State of Texas.

Her hobbies include fishing, reading and crafts.

Kyle Soltero

Kyle Soltero


Lindale Velma Penny Elementary

Office: 903.881.4030

Cell: 903-952-3191

Officer Soltero joined LISD in 2023 after proudly serving as a K9 handler in the United States Navy. 
He has 7 years of law enforcement experience. 
He holds a Basic Peace Officer Certification.
His hobbies include physical fitness, reading, and spending time with family.

Saftey Tip Of The Month! 

A safety reminder to all parents....when picking up your student on any of our campuses, please ensure any children inside your vehicle are not sitting in open car windows, standing in sunroofs, etc. Also, please remember cell phone use is prohibited in the driveways while picking up your child from any campus.  This includes calls, texting or internet use. The safety of you and your children is our top priority.

Thank you for your support!

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