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Lindale ISD Transportation Department 

Pete Ridge, Director of Transportation

Email -

Phone # 903-881-4110

Fax # 903-881-4111


Office Hours:  5:00 am - 5:00 pm

Summer Office Hours:  5:00 am - 4:00 pm

(Closed on Fridays)

Check out this great story written by the students in the Eagle Eye Newspaper Program about our new bus and our new communications system.

Check out another great story KLTV did on our Lindale ISD transportation department.


"KLTV had a chance to go on a ride along in Lindale, and crunch the numbers on everything from the number of tires to gallons of gas to how many miles they're driving around the district."


Click the link below to see the full story:

new bus for district



Waiting on the Bus

  1. Students need to be at the bus stop when the bus arrives.  To assure your child does not miss the bus, it is recommended students be at the bus stop 5-7 minutes before the scheduled pick-up time.  Failing to be on time or delaying the bus may result in loss of bus privileges.

  2. Stand on the sidewalk or back from the roadway while waiting for the bus. 

  3. Stand clear of the bus until it comes to a complete stop.

  4. When the bus approaches, prepare to load immediately.

Boarding the Bus

  1. Students must board the bus from the school they attend. 

  2. Quickly board the bus in an orderly manner and be seated immediately.

  3. Do not push, shove or crowd in any way.

  4. Use the handrail and steps.

Conduct on the Bus

  1. The school bus is an extension of the classroom; students are required to follow the policies and procedures outlined in the Student Code of Conduct.

  2. Respect and obey the bus driver, monitor or other school personnel at all times.

  3. Use classroom voices and never yell inside or to others outside the bus.

  4. Aisles are to be kept clear at all times.

  5. Face forward and remain seated while the bus is in operation. Students must sit with their backs against the back rest.  Leaning towards the window or aisle is not allowed.

  6. Respect other passengers by keeping hands and feet to yourself at all times.

  7. Hands, head, arms, etc. are never allowed outside of the bus window.

  8. Do not damage or vandalize the bus or the property of others.

  9. Students may not throw any object, including trash or paper, from either inside or outside of the bus.  Please place all trash into the trash can provided.

  10. Eating and drinking on the bus is prohibited.  Students may bring water.

  11. GUM CHEWING is not allowed on the bus.

Departing the Bus

  1. Stay seated until the bus is completely stopped.

  2. Do not push, shove or crowd in any way.

  3. Use handrail and steps.

  4. After exiting the bus, walk away; do not stand next to or walk toward the bus.

  5. If any article drops or rolls near or under the bus, do not go after it!  Go to the door of the bus and ask the driver for help.

Crossing the Street

  1. Students are expected to cross the street in front of the bus - NEVER cross in the back of the bus.

  2. Students are expected to look at the driver and check both directions before crossing the street.


Jr. High Shuttle Information:

All students needing transportation to and from the Jr. High school will be required to participate in a bus transfer system that shuttles students from (AM) and to (PM) the EJ Moss – West campus. The transfer system is time sensitive and will require students to get on their correct shuttle bus.    

Any student that fails to catch the shuttle bus from the junior high campus will not be provided district transportation home and will need to contact parents or other means for an alternative way home.


Student Ridership:

Students are only allowed to ride to/from their residence that is listed on Skyward.  LISD Transportation WILL NOT pick up/drop off at businesses and/or parent/guardian work place.


Riding Home with Friends:

Due to the increase in student ridership, students are NOT allowed to ride to or from school with friends.  Only students who are eligible to ride that bus will be allowed to ride.


Band Instruments, Athletic Equipment and Personal Belongings:

All personal belongings such as backpacks, athletic equipment, books, class projects or musical instruments MUST be able to be held in student’s lap or under the seat.  Items MUST be kept from the aisles.  Due to interfering with the driver’s ability to see out of the back window, balloons are NOT allowed on the bus at any time. 


Electronic Devices:

Students may bring electronic devices on the bus.  However, students are NOT allowed to share electronic devices with other students.  Disciplinary action will be taken if a student is caught sharing an electronic device with another student.  StudentsMUST wear headphones/ear buds if they listen to music.Absolutely, no pictures or videos may be taken on the bus!


Bus Route Changes:

Due to growth in Lindale, routes may change throughout the school year.  We understand constancy is important however we cannot predict the number of new bus riders coming into the district.  Please keep in mind that we try to make all routes the most efficient and safest for your student and the driver.  Please be patient with the driver and transportation department should any changes occur, as we have to adjust to the changes also.

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