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Frequently Asked Questions: 

The information here is provided by the Lindale ISD Technology Services Department to keep you informed of the known technical issues as it relates to your child's iPad device.  We are excited about the opportunity to enhance your child's educational experience through the use of this technology.  As with any technology there are challenges related to the day to day managment.  iOS updates, security updates and management software updates seem to disturb established processes from time to time and new processes must be adopted.  We appreciate the support of our parents and community as we work through these challenges.

  • Why does my child's iPad not work on home wifi?

  1. Students must login to our web filtering service to gain access to the internet.  Upon opening the internet browser (Safari or Chrome) the student should be prompted for their username and password (school computer login).  See the following document for authentication instructions-- Student At-Home iPad Authentication (iBoss)

  • My child seems be to able to install apps at will.  Why?

  1. Our Mobile Device Managment (MDM) Solution, AirWatch, provides for two methods to get apps onto the iPad device.  We can publish the apps to a catalog where students can download at will or we can "push' the apps upon enrollment into our MDM.  Unfortunately, "pushing" the apps provided inconsistent results.  Some students would get them and some would not.  After many support calls with AirWatch it was recommended that we provide students access to the private app catalog.  This allows the students to download the apps specified there.  The desired outcome is that most students would have all the apps needed for school and only a few students would require further technical assistance.

  2. In either scenario the "App Store" app must be "unlocked" or "opened" for any app to be applied to the device.  We have learned that students are able to select an app in the catalog creating a "window of time" in which any app can be downloaded to the device.  We are currently revisiting this issue and will be determining a course of action. 

  3. It is important to note that daily we produce a "compliance report" from AirWatch that provides a list of iPad devices that have apps that deviate from those specified. Students will be subject to the disciplinary action outlined in the iPad Policy/Agreement.