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Catastrophic Extended Sick Leave

After all state and local leave has been exhausted, a full-time employee eligible for local leave shall be granted up to 30 workdays of extended sick leave. Extended sick leave may be used for catastrophic personal illness or disability, including pregnancy-related disability, or for catastrophic illness or disability, including pregnancy-related disability, of a member of the employee's immediate family. A catastrophic illness shall be defined as a severe condition, including pregnancy-related disability, affecting the mental or physical health of the employee that requires the services of a licensed medical practitioner and forces the employee to exhaust all available paid leave. The employee may use catastrophic extended sick leave only once during a two-school-year period.

Extended sick leave shall be taken with the substitute's rate (or a proportional rate approved by the Board by personnel classification) deducted for each day used.

How to request Catastrophic Sick Leave

Eligible full time employees may request Catastrophic Extended Sick Leave by completing the forms below. Please contact the HR/Benefits office for assistance.

Step 1. Visit the Human Resources portion of the district website and print a Request for Catastrophic Leave forms. Review the definition of Catastrophic Leave. (Note: Your state and local leave must be exhausted in order to qualify.)

Step 2. Once you have submitted both completed forms to the HR/Benefits office, it will be determined by the HR Department if you qualify.

Step 3. Human Resources will notify you of the decision.


Catastrophic Leave Forms

Catastrophic Leave – Request Form

Catastrophic Leave – Physician’s Statement Form

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